Go Mylo Countdown

Go Mylo Countdown

Go Mylo CountdownGo Mylo Countdown is a native Joomla 1.5.x module that counts down from the hosting server’s current date/time to a specified date/time using days, hours, minutes & seconds. This is one of the most flexible countdown modules for controlling the style and content of your output.


* Time Zone Offset – If your host server is in a different time zone, the countdown can be adjusted
* Pre and Post Text – Add text above and below the countdown with CSS and HTML tags
* Custom Label and Styling – Add a label to the countdown using CSS to style it to your liking
* Countdown Styling – Add CSS tags to customize the timer
* Horizontal or Vertical? – Elements of the countdown may be displayed in a line or in a stack
* Justification – Select Left, Center or Right justification for your label and countdown
* Text or Redirect? – When the countdown reaches zero, choose whether to display customizable text (with CSS and HTML) or redirect to a new page
* Module Class Suffix – Add custom styling to the module with a module suffix
* Language Files – Uses language files for extra flexibility. If you’d like to translate a file to your language, just let me know. Included languages:
o English
o Dutch – translation by Kaizer, M (Mirjam)
o Spanish – translation by Miguel Tuyaré


* Version 1.5.1 – Added language files with Dutch and Spanish translations
* Version 1.5.0 – Initial release


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