Google: User Interface

Google officially increases length of snippets in search results

Google has confirmed with Search Engine Land that it has made a change to the way it displays snippets in search results. A snippet is the description of a page shown below the URL in an organic search result that helps show how it relates to the search query. A Google spokesperson told us: We recently made a change to provide more descriptive and useful snippets, to help people better understand how...

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Google home page search box now shows you recent searches by default

Google has changed the default behavior of the search box on the home page. Now, when you go to Google’s home page, the search box will automatically expand to show you your most recent searches. Seeing these recent searches automatically expand below the search box, before you even click into the search box to enter your search query, feels awkward. It almost feels like this is a bug. Matt Cutts, former...

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Google rolling out new curved mobile search results interface

Kashin / It appears that Google is now rolling out the new curved mobile design that they have been testing for several months. Many searchers have reported seeing the new design, and several of us at Search Engine Land have replicated it. The new design started rolling out earlier this morning and now more are seeing it live. This would be the first major redesign to the Google search...

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