GrassHopper: Hosted Virtual PBX System

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GrassHopper: Hosted Virtual PBX System

GotVMail is a convenient hosted virtual PBX system now known as Grasshopper. Your business gets a number, customizes a main greeting, sets up unlimited extensions, receive your calls anywhere and get your emails by phone, online or email. Customers dial your special number, get the main greeting, choose an extension, the call is transferred to you while on hold and you receive a voice mail. Without hiring a staff, getting an answering service or investing in major equipment, you gain instant communication capabilities for your business. The professional advantage of using GrassHopper makes it a breeze to get in touch and keep in touch with key business contacts. Maximize your business profit and potential with a PBX system that works wherever you are.

In 2003, Got VMail Communications started to address the need for an easy-to-use phone system for entrepreneurs. Since then, more than 70,000 business people found a communication solution through GotVMail. In May, 2009, the brand was changed to Grasshopper. The name change is to show the desire for small business to propel forward with the right tools to make it happen.

You have the opportunity to grow your small business anywhere with Grasshopper. Calls come in wherever you go. At the office, at home and on your cell phone you stay connected everywhere. Freelancers appreciate the freedom of this simple system. Companies with multiple employees set up extensions so everyone stays connected no matter where they go.

Grasshopper makes it easier to do business with an Advanced Phone Number. Forward calls so you know you don’t miss that big deal coming in when you attend a birthday party. Get faxes by email to gain immediate access to essential paperwork without paper jams. Get voice mails on any mobile devices without installing any applications so there’s no hassles. In a mobile minute, you have everything you need right at your fingertips.

Set up your account in moments with a navigable online interface. Tag and search messages to find exactly what you need when you need it most. You can also view your calls by geographic region to see where your clients are coming from. Manage, tag and map your messages for the ultimate convenience.

Get your own toll free or local number or transfer the hosted virtual PBX system to an exiting number. Set up a name directory with unlimited extensions online. When callers are placed on hold during the transfer, music plays just like a high priced phone system.

Without making major investments, you get the calls you’re waiting for wherever you need to go. Play voice mail on your BlackBerry and iPhone while you attend another important meeting. Never miss an opportunity to do business with an efficient, Virtual PBX system that helps you stay in touch.

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