Help build future DrupalCons

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Help build future DrupalCons

The Drupal Association has taken the first steps in implementing its new events plan. In this first phase, we will be working to schedule DrupalCons two years in advance, and we have established regional groups to manage this process. We have committed to adding a third annual DrupalCon that will float between regions not currently served by the European and North American Cons.

The Regional Organizing Groups are open to any interested party in the community, and free to choose their own structure and governance. They will select cities, choose local teams, and create programs for future DrupalCons. Australian, European, North American and South American Groups are forming or have formed and can be found on

We are making these changes because DrupalCons are growing just as the Drupal community is growing and we expect that growth to continue and accelerate. We have committed to making DrupalCon available to anyone who wants to attend them, and this means that we need to select appropriate venues and work hard to be efficient in order to keep the ticket price affordable. The Drupal Events Plan is a work in progress and is available online for your review.

We are committed to having DrupalCons that serve the entire community while maintaining the sense of community that has been the hallmark of DrupalCon. You can become involved by joining the Drupal Association, taking part in a regional group and in your local Drupal group.

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