Hire A Designer

Hire A Designer

Hire A Designer lets you hire web designers based on your individualized requirements with flexible pricing. Professional web designers work on an hourly, part-time or full-time basis to fulfill your business goals. Hire A Designer was rated #1 IT SMA by Duns and Bradstreet so you know their service are reliable.

For 11 years, Hire A Designer has been building online presences. Currently Hire A Designer employs over 300 web developers and designers. Employees are recruited from the most highly regarded art colleges across India. Designers are pre-screened so you don’t have to sift through resumes and interviews. Relevant profiles are given to you based on your requirements.

To get started, you select a specialized web designer based on what kinds of website you want. Options include Flash intensive, HTML intensive, layout intensive or any combination. If you are unsure about choosing your own profile, Hire A Designer will help you determine which one is best.

Next you choose a billing model. Based on the volume of work you need to have done, select a billing model based on hourly work, part-time or full-time employ. Based on the billing model, you make advance payment to the designer. Once payment is received, you review the portfolio of the allocated designer. If you are dissatisfied, you can ask to have another designer assigned by Hire A Designer.

When you choose a designer, start sending work right away. You deal directly with the designer and have access to a part-time project manager to help you work with the designer. This ensures your project progresses most efficiently with daily progress updates from Hire A Designer.

Enjoy intellectual property and privacy. Ownership of source files and all intellectual property belongs exclusively to you. For total confidence about your privacy, Hire A Designer signs non-disclosure agreements. Hire A Designer is relationship oriented and wants you to feel reassured about doing business every step of the way.

Professionals from Hire A Designer start at just $12 per hour with a money back guarantee on their services. Hire A Designer is operated by Indus Net Technologies, a premier Internet consulting company offering customized solutions to organizations around to globe. Their core management team delivers strategy, support, sales, marketing, quality control, account management, financial planning and infrastructure support.

The nuclear teams are each specialized in their area of business. Hire A Designer strives to provide high quality customer service and support with updated certifications. Currently Hire A Designer is ISO 9001:2000 certified and undergoing CMMI Level 3 certification process.

Hire A Designer is perfect for small and mid-size businesses with specific needs as well as large businesses looking for a temporary full-time worker. The combination of flexibility and personalization from a stable, large organization is ideal for affordable, professional solutions.

Established in 1997, the annual turnover for Hire A Designer is $3 million. They have a client base of around 1400 from 38 different countries serviced by the largest PHP programming team in India. Hire A Designer is also a member of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Whether you’re a sole proprietor or a fast-paced mogul, Hire A Designer makes it easy to compete in s global marketplace. Flexible pricing, professional services and new technologies give your business solutions to remain competitive in a constantly changing online marketplace.