How To: Links

Earning them Is central to good SEO

With major publishers like Inc., Forbes and The Huffington Post placing the rel=”nofollow” tag on their external links, the sky is once again falling. Or not. In fact, I’ve always believed that earning nofollow links was an important part of any SEO strategy built to last. The reality of the situation is that nofollow links are good for your SEO, full stop. Whether your evidence comes from case studies, personal experience...

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How to increase B2B traffic by 192% in five months

SEO is a long-term strategy. It takes time to build authority and reputation, and spammy tricks that work for a short time are eventually devalued by the search engines. However, we’ve found a strategy that’s delivered results relatively quickly and proven particularly effective in the B2B space. Some of our best projects have seen near double traffic growth: Not surprisingly, this traffic growth corresponds with our efforts to secure links. Here is a look...

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