HTML 101

When it comes to developing a web site, it is helpful to at least have a basic understanding of HTML. HTML helps to turn a simple, boring template into something much more appealing to the site visitor’s eyes. By simply utilizing your word processor, you can spice up your web pages in no time.

HTML basically sits in the background of a web page, telling it what to do and when to do it. HTML tags are encompassed by angle brackets. For example

indicates a new paragraph, while will ensure the text you are using is in bold letters.

Whenever you are using HTML, you must make sure that each set of directions you are writing both begins and ends with the tag you are using. If you want a certain line to be in bold lettering, you would place the before the sentence, as well as after. The HTML command you are giving will not be executed if you do not open and close the particular area with the tag.

Webmonkey provides an HTML cheat sheet on their web site. Using this will allow you to begin practicing HTML. As you practice, coding in HTML becomes easier and you will soon be able to execute more complicated HTML commands.