http:BL Plugin

http:BL Plugin

http:BL System Plugin allows you to verify IP addresses of clients connecting to your website against the Project Honey Pot database. It check whether your visitor is an email harvester, a comment spammer or any other malicious client. Communication with verification server is done via DNS request mechanism. Now, thanks to http:BL System Plugin any potentially harmful clients are denied from accessing your website and therefore abusing it.

Release 1.1 now integrates it with JSecure and adds additional options, use white listing from JSecure and disable tracking for logged in users.
Release 1.2 critical bug if JSecure was installed has been fixed.
Release 1.3 fix for Joomla 1.5 JDispatcher name change.
Release 1.4 reduced cache size for most common case by about 80%.
Release 1.5 New default values for age parameter.
Release 1.6 Removed integration with Jsecure, now logges to default Joomla! log directory.
Release 1.7 Added groupbased checking, you can select which Joomla! groups should be checked and which not.
Release 1.8 Fixed a bug where guest users wheren’t checked!
Release 1.9 Fixed a small disclosure in logs and added more logging possibilities as requested, also added localization support.


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