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IDoBlog FreeIDoBlog – blog for Joomla! 1.5.x. IDoBlog – is not just a blog, this is a full blog system containing profiles, commenting system and multiuser blogs system without any additional. Using IDoBlog commenting system you can organise not linear discussion, with branches.

IDoBlog options:
– Separate rss-feed for each blog
– Friends feeds
– Buit-in commenting system, using a powerfull comments editor with BB-code
– Ability to make branches in discussion
– Friends management system
– Easy navigation through the pop-up menu
– Easy and intuitively form for new articles writing
– Separate image file archive for each user
– Article tagging system
– Flexible new comments and post notification system
– The minimum amount of load on the server, using ajax inserts;
– Built-in templates management system
– Multiuser blogging
– SEF-links and bread-crumbs
– Users can publish Google Adsense ads in they personal blog

and much more!

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