IM AddThis

IM AddThis

Updates: Add Your Own “Share” Image
Updates: Enable Disable On Front Page
Places “AddThis” social bookmarking button on your content. If you want to know more about addThis, do some google and you will find out. This plugin is famous for wordpress blogs. Check out their website To configure this, you need a publisher ID which is given by You can choose either animated button or regular one. See the configuration options once you are done. If you have any questions please contact joomla AT informationmadness DOT com, or visit Information Madness Check out my website and see it working in an individual item. This bookmarking shows only on content item view. You can exclude items if you want. Great features,

Updates: Removed the hidden link which was pointing to my website. Please visit the download URL and use the link free module.

Version 1.1 released.

Update: Fixed the Zip file download issue. Few people reported that the downloaded zip file was corrupted. I have fixed that problem now.

Updates: I am working on a fix to make it compatible with Joomla 1.5. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please keep checking for updates.

Updates: Just Released Version 1.5. Check it out.

Updates: For those who uses this on Joomla 1.5. Uninstall the previous version and download this new version. You don’t have to enable the legacy mode anymore. I tested it without legacy mode on and it works perfect.

Updates: Fixed the Joomla 1.5 Issue.

Updates: Dec 16 2008: Now you can choose an option to enable/disable this plugin to show up on front page.

Updates: May 2009. Updated the plugin to reflect the new AddThis script. Also now you can select your own “Share” image or choose from the six available ones.

Updated version for Joomla 1.x will be available soon.

Updates: — Released Joomla 1.5 version 4. Updated script to have hover over effect and improved code.

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