Importing RSS Feeds Into WordPress Posts

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Importing RSS Feeds Into WordPress Posts

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This tutorial will show you how to take an RSS feed and import it into your WordPress site. Each item on the RSS feed will become a separate WordPress post. We use this technique for a couple purposes:

Distributing our content to other WordPress sites.
Importing blogs and news on a particular topic from other sites. This way people can read them all in one place.

We’re going to use a plugin called FeedWordPress.
Installing and Configuring FeedWordPress

Step 1: Go to the FeedWordPress page on and download the file.
Step 2: Extract the files into a folder on your desktop. The folder will be called, unsurprisingly “feedwordpress”
Step 3: Login to your site’s files via FTP and navigate to /wp-content/plugins/.
Step 4: Upload the “feedwordpress” folder to  /wp-content/plugins/.
Step 5: Go to wp-admin >> Plugins and click “Activate” under “FeedWordPress”.
Step 6: Once you’ve enabled it, you’ll see a new tab on the sidebar called “Syndication”. Click the first…

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