How to Pair Typefaces & Ensure Readability [Infographic]

Every designer wants to master the art of pairing typefaces. Good typography enhances design and can lead to better readability – two must-haves for your website design projects. But how do you become a master of typography? Read Also:Typography Cheat Sheet [Infographic]Great Font Combinations You Need to Try It starts with a basic understanding of typography principles and theory. Lucky for you, Designmodo has created an infographic with everything you need to know...

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Ingredients to Make the Perfect About Us Page

Sending out a clear and inspiring message about your brand is one of the key components of any successful business model, helping to establish a loyal base of customers and attract many more. This not only includes advertising your products and services but also sending out a powerful message about who you are as a company in terms of your values, ethics and ambitions. Many visitors intrigued by a company and...

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