5 Ways Instagram Optimization Can Make You Famous

How do you optimize your Instagram channel if you are not a big name brand like Kylie Jenner, Shake Shack, or AirBnb?It might help to emulate the way they run their feeds. Or not.With Instagram’s explosive growth, brands are finding it more challenging than ever to get the celebrity-like attention that once came so effortlessly.Sigh.Bye-bye, nice and easy Instagram.Hello, Facebook-owned and operated Instagram.Success on Instagram requires more than random photos,...

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How B2B Companies Can Build Their Brands on Instagram

Instagram has proven to be an effective way to market to hard-to-reach demographics. PHOTO: Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash What started out as a simple photo-editing and sharing tool is now embraced by large B2C brands as a way to reach younger demographics. Today, Instagram is mainstream.  The platform is used by over 800 million people, and B2B brands like Salesforce, EY and IBM rely...

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