Interactive Online Tweets At Twitter

Interactive Online Tweets At Twitter

Interactive Online proudly tweets at Twitter now. Find Interactive Online’s profile and follow us on Twitter at Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service where users send and read short updates called “tweets”.

Twitter was created in 2006 and has gained worldwide notoriety and popularity ever since. Tweets are text-based posts that are up to 140 characters in length. These tweets are displayed on the user’s profile page and deliver to followers, who are the users subscribing to these updates.

Delivery of tweets can be restricted to those people who are your friends or business associates to maintain privacy online. If you prefer, anyone can access your tweets by default. Users send and receive tweets through Twitter’s website, Short Message Service (SMS) or other applications such as Twitterific, TweetDeck and Tweetie.

Today Twitter is frequently referred to as the SMS of the Internet. The site offers maximum functionality for other web-based and desktop applications to send and get short text messages. As of November, 2008, it was roughly estimated Twitter had around 4 to 5 million users. In February, 2009, Twitter was ranked the third most used social network by, falling right behind the two giants, Facebook and MySpace.

Currently it is estimated the unique monthly visitors total about 14 million with visits at almost 100 million. Because of its rapid growth, Twitter was ranked the fastest growing website in the Member Communities category by in February, 2009. Social networking is the wave of the future and Twitter is delivering exactly what people want, when they want it.


Social networking and micro blogging is clearly they way people get the information they need right away. With just 140 characters, you remain apprised of what is going on with your business associates, friends and family. When you sign up to follow Interactive Online at Twitter, you will always know the latest happenings just by reading a sweet little tweet.

Twitter has grown so much there was a global meeting of Twitter users called Twestival on February 12, 2009. People from more than 170 cities worldwide met to take Twitter offline while raising money and awareness for charity. According to research in New Scientist in 2008, instant messaging systems such as Twitter are doing a better job of getting emergency information out right away than traditional news media or government services. Twitter is used by the American Red Cross to exchange up-to-the minute information about disasters.

Because of its popularity, easy to use interface and ability to keep people updated, Twitter is the social network of choice for many. From major companies and agencies to family and friends, everyone is getting their latest news from Twitter tweets. The instant nature of Twitter keeps you abreast of all the latest and greatest information as it enters cyberspace. With privacy settings you can adjust to suit your personal needs, Twitter is a great way to keep in touch.

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