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9 IoT Problems to Add to Your Security Worries

Security isn't the only issue the IoT poses. Here are nine other issues to keep you up at night PHOTO: pixel2013 on pixabay Along with the wealth of opportunities the Internet of Things (IoT) promises, it also introduces a wealth of headaches.  While security issues usually top the list of concerns for enterprises entering the world of IoT, it is by no means the only problem IoT...

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How to Deal With IoT Security Threats

The IoT's reach is expanding at a more rapid pace than security measures. Here are some tips to keep up PHOTO: AzureEyes on unsplash Depending on who you listen to, the Internet of Things (IoT) will reach either 26 billion or over 200 billion devices by 2020. Estimates of market size cover a similar spectrum, with experts predicting IoT will become a $1.9 trillion (Gartner), $7.1 trillion...

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What Marketers Need to Know

Use of voice search and virtual assistants is on the rise. PHOTO: Shutterstock The age of IoT is upon us, and it seems as though we’re in constant anticipation of the next game-changing channel or device. From Alexa Skills in our living rooms to wifi-beaming kiosks in our streets, audio marketing, branding and customer support opportunities are sprouting up faster than you can say omnichannel experience. But...

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