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IP.Board recent topics

IP.Board recent topicsA very simple yet customizable module to display recent topics from your IPB-based forum in Joomla. I wasn’t able to find any similar module and created the one myself. Since I love when a program or script has a bunch of preferences, I tried to customize each and every possible parameter.

Settings list:
– database parameters (DB name, username and password, prefix etc.);
– number of recent topics to display;
– number of characters in topic title to display;
– date format;
– forum location (in case it’s not in default ‘forum’ folder;
– show or hide last post date, author and forum;
– fields to display anything you want above and below topics list.

– automatic post time adjustment according to IPB settings;
– English and Russian language files;
– separate customizable CSS-file;
– Two FREE hugs from me 🙂

If you have non-Latin encoding on your forum, just add ‘iconv’ function with suitable parameters to topic title, author name and forum name in mod_ipb_latest.php. This will solve all possible display problems. Here’s an example of double decoding I have on my old forum:

$author_name = iconv (“CP1251″,”UTF-8”,iconv (“UTF-8″,”CP1252”,$row[$i][‘last_poster_name’]));