IPrice calculator

IPrice calculator

IPrice calculatorThe component IPrice calculator LIGHT allows to organize price list of the goods or services on Joomla 1.5 site. It allows to choose price list items and online calculating of total and subtotal amounts by categories , sending of the generated order to an e-mail of the administrator and the customer. The component allows to enter the positions of the price-list distributed by categories. Each position contains name, short description, full description, price, selection type (a usual choice – checkbox or a choice of quantity).

Supporting languages: English, Russian, German.

Also the commercial version of the component with shopping cart, content plugin, sections and categories and more other features is accessible.

Notice, that the component of the most senior version (commercial PRO version) is shown on a demo-site . See differences of component versions with developer Website URL for comparison of possibilities of versions.

Update on November,03 2009:
Add French.

Update on October,29 2009:
Small improvement of component layout to prevent destruction of template layout with narrow mainbody

Update on October,22 2009:
Add German language. Special thanks for Steve Kraft (translation) and for Alex Pineda (new logo).

Update on October,19 2009:
The error arising on some versions PHP is fixed