Jafilia: Free Open Source Virtuemart Affiliate Extension

Jafilia: Free Open Source Virtuemart Affiliate Extension

jafiliaEveryone is looking for an effective way to promote products and affiliate programs online. Many webpreneurs want to avoid buying impressions or joining odd link exchange networks. Both often wind up costing money and time yet may yield little results. Jafilia is a free, open source Virtuemart affiliate extension where you can publish your own affiliate programs.

To make money on the web, savvy businesspeople are affiliate marketing. An an affiliate marketer, you market goods or services offered by another company. You earn commission for sales based upon your agreement with the company providing the goods or services to the buyer.

Without owning a storefront, carrying inventory or have any special expertise, you can be a successful affiliate marketer. All you need is an attractive website design, a reliable web host and some great affiliate products and services to offer to a designated target market. Research who might be interested in what you have to offer and make your website talk to them.

Jafilia is a new, free open source GNU solution. Jafilia recognizes every good shop engages in affiliate marketing. Their project enables users to have an affiliate capacity in both Joomla and Virtuemart making it useful for a many affiliate marketers.

Jafilia consists of a group of users and developers completely committed to improving the ways affiliate programs are handled. Jafilia also uses the program to promote Joomla, Mambo and Virtuemart ecommerce sites online.

Program owners and website owners benefit by participating in Jafilia. It’s easy to publish a free listing of your own affiliate programs. Any webmaster can visit Jafilia and choose from a wealth of published affiliate programs. Whether you are looking to promote certain affiliate programs you current represent or want to find new ones, Jafilia is the perfect place to start.

When you launch an affiliate program, simply publish it to the Jafilia Marketplace to gain a direct flow of new affiliates. Never was it so easy to gain attention and profits from affiliate marketing endeavors as it is on Jafilia.

Alternatively, Jafilia is an ideal place for newbies to find opportunities or for experienced webpreneurs to diversify their offerings. Browse through the affiliate opportunities on Jafilia to find ones you would be interested in promoting. Join the affiliate programs and watch for the profits to come in.

There is also a Jafilia forum. Participate in the forum to learn more about what Jafilia users are saying. Post your needs and discuss your ideas about what Jafilia should be. Jafilia wants to know to make the affiliate marketing processes easier and more profitable for everyone.

Even if you have no experienced with affiliate marketing, Jafilia makes it a breeze to get your business going. Affiliate programs are broken into categories so you quickly find the ones you might like. Review various opportunities then connect with them to start making money. Within a few hours, you could be profiting from affiliate marketing.

Jafilia is the ultimate free open source solution to greater success as an affiliate marketer.



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