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JaggyBlogA blog-system for Joomla 1.5 that aims to be user-friendly and quick to use, while upholding all the features you could want out of a personal blog. It’s a budget alternative to other commercial blogs, so once bought, you can install on as many sites as you wish and do what you want with the code.

JaggyBlog’s Main Features

* Get emailed every time someone adds a new comment to an article
* An integrated RSS Feed
* Turn captcha on to reduce comment spam
* Create and assign tags through a speedy AJAX interface
* Manage comments
* Search engine friendly URLs
* Uses the standard categories in Joomla
* Has a choice of templates to suit your website design

JaggyBlog Does Not

* Allow multiple blogs as part of a blog community site
* Have its own WYSIWYG editor. JaggyBlog relies on the built-in Joomla editor for creating articles. JaggyBlog displays all the articles categorised inside the selected article section.

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