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JCal Pro – Event Calendar for Joomla

Keeping track of a schedule is essential for individuals, businesses, not-for-profit organizations, churches, sports teams and clubs. No matter what you do, a calendar is key to getting it done on schedule. JCal Pro is a multi-language, W3C events calendar extension component for Joomla. This attractive calendar component with a CSS-based front-end display will keep you on top of everything happening in your world.

Interactive features make JCal Pro one of the simplest event calendars to use. A major feature offered by JCal Pro is the native Joomla permissions for event creation and management. Organize your dates and appointments by event to make them easy to find.

With JCal Pro you can also create multiple calendars for both public and private use. Have a personal calendar to keep track of activities before and after work that nobody else can see. Create a public calendar for corporate meetings and events. Make specialized calendars for certain projects and events. Everyone will have the right dates at their fingertips in moments with JCal Pro.

Have even more control over the various calendars generated with WYSIWYG event descriptions, administrative theme installation and management and back-end event management. Multiple management features make it simpler to customize your calendars to suit your unique needs.

An integrated search plug-in helps other users find the calendars and events they need. A feature-rich mini-calendar and latest events modules keep everyone apprised of the latest happenings as they occur. RSS feeds and SEF URL support make your event calendars easy to locate for newcomers.

Jcal Pro is easy to use and only takes about 30 minutes to install. Once JCal Pro is up and running, you create your own customized calendar. The next event is displayed in a recurring series so you never have to search or guess to find out what’s happening. There is also a display of non-recurring events to keep track of special meetings, gatherings and occasions.

A variety page formats means JCal Pro generates information in the way you prefer. Select a page format according to your comfortability and users’ needs. Events can be shown in a sidebar for an immediate overview of what’s to come.

Another benefit of using JCal Pro is the way end users can add events. No matter who find out about the latest happenings, they can be entered right onto the master calendars. Never miss another date or event because “nobody called or let anyone know”.

Overall, JCal Pro is a solid component with easy installation. The backend has a professional look and feel for all purposes. Tight Joomla integration and ease of use make this calendar extension functional and intuitive. The search bot and modules for upcoming events and a mini calendar put everything at-a-glance to be updated in just seconds.

An accurate, updated calendar is essential for any organization, company or entity to run smoothly. Keep track of games, maintain a vacation calendar for employees or update community events. Remain abreast of what’s happening and keep others informed with JCal Pro event calendar for Joomla.

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