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JForms is a free GPL licensed WYSIWYG Forms component for Joomla! 1.5, JForms allows website administrator to create web forms easily through simple drag-and-drop editor.

JForms 0.6 RC1 has been released , Your help in testing this release helps JForms become more stable.
More about 0.6 RC 1

* Single screen form creation using Easy WYSIWYG (Drag-n-drop) Form editor.
* A variaty of form elements:
* HTML elements that allows the user to have HTML within the form.
* Joomla! User Info Element that collects data about the user from Joomla! Database.
* Ability to define validation rules for different form elements.
* Ability to define who has the permission to fill any given form.
* Ability to define default (Pre-selected) value for most of form elements.
* IP Tracking.
* AJAX based Records manager featuring control over what fields to display and a simple keyword search.
* Generated forms are accessible and compliant with xHTML standards.
* Everything is validated on the both client-side and server-side.
* Ability to send submissions to any number of E-mails.
* Ability to send users confirmatory messages.
* Customizable E-mail messages.

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