JFusion – Universal User Integration

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JFusion – Universal User Integration

jfusionJFusion uses JFusion user and authentication plugins to work unique magic. Login behavior is completely customized without core hacks to Joomla! Multiple softwares are integrated through one master software controlling all user management actions. JFusion validates user logins based on user details in the master software. When users are successfully authenticated, JFusion updates or creates the user in the slave softwares.

JFusion gives you total control over multiple softwares with updated master/slave capabilities. This free GPL plugin is made specifically for the Joomla Content Management System to provide universal user integration. While JFusion does not support all softwares from the box, it is easy to write a plugin for a bridge to avoid major reinvention. You never have to start from scratch with JFusion.

There is no other CMS software that can act as a portal, integrating users across multiple different platforms. With JFusion and Joomla, you’re on the cutting edge of technology and gain the most control over your web applications. There is nothing else that gives you these capabilities. Imagine the possibilities of integrating your users across several platforms.

The current softwares supported by JFusion include vBulletin 3.8.0; phpBB 3.0.x; MyBB 1.4; SMF 1.1.8; Magento; Moodle; Gallery2; and dokuwiki. Modules provided with JFusion include login, latest activity, user activity and who is online. Know what people are doing when they enter and who is there right now.

Additional features include a search plugin and discussion bot. There is also user group sync to link user groups between softwares for complete synchronization. These additional features create a rich environment for research and communication about any product, service or subject.

With JFusion you can create a streamlined, functional system despite software integration. JFusion can also import users into Joomla and export users into external software. Users also enjoy dual login so they can switch between softwares without having to login over and over again. This only works for softwares running on the same domain or subdomain.

Visual integration means softwares appears to run inside Joomla itself. This can be achieved in several ways. You can use an iframe wrapper. Another option is a frameless visual integration that catches the external software output to display in your Joomla template. You can also direct link with the template modifications of external software. JFusion expands your capabilities in multiple ways.

No matter what you need to do, you have access to outstanding support from the JFusion support forum. At the forum, JFusion Support Team members are ready to answer all types of questions. Other resources include the document section with guides on how to make JFusion work for your needs. There is also a new version checker and one-click upgrades so it’s a breeze to stay up-to-date.

Enjoy a constantly evolving system that gives you total control. New JFusion feature are released to users every two weeks so the only constant is change. With new features and great existing features, JFusion makes your website completely interactive with the latest updates for user and management convenience.

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