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Joom Donation

Joomla donation is a Joomla 1.5 native extension to allow you to get online donation (one time and recurring) from vistitors of your site Via Paypal, and MoneyBooker Payment gateways . The extension includes a component, two modules and a CB plugin will give the following features for your site :
– Collect donors personal information ( first name, last name, organization ,…)
– Get online donation via Paypal and MoneyBooker payment gateway . ( We will add more payment gateways in the near future)
– Manage donors information from back-end .
– Export donations data into a csv for viewing in MS office or exchange this data with other applications.
– Config options :
o Messages : Thank you message, cancellation message
o Email subject, email body sent to administrators and users after a donation has been made
o Show/ hide, require / not required in donation form
o Payment gateway configuration
o And other config variables
– Display donors information in a module : Lastest donors, Top Donors, Random donors.
– Dispay donation history of a user information in CB plugin.

Change log :
* Version 1.1 :
– Added payment gateway
– Fixed some small issues from previous version
– Enhance the integration between JoomDonation And Community Builder
* Version 1.2 :

– We add a new feature called campaigns management . You can now define donation campaigns with the following information :
+ Campaign title
+ Campaign Start Date
+ Campaign End Date
+ Goal ( Amount of money you want to collect from this campaign)

These campaign information will be displayed on donation form and JDonation Module (configurable). You can also track and compare actual money you collected with the goal of each campaign from back-end of the extension .
– Added some config options for the component .
– Fix small languages issues

* Version 1.3 :
– Multi-campaigns feature : You can now have multi active campaigns in the system . Users will choose the campaign which they want to donate for in the donation screen .
– Custom fields feature : You can now define un-limited custom fields to collect more information about donors in donation screen . The extension support following custom field types : Textbox, Textarea, Dropdown , CheckboxList, RadioList, DateTime .
– JomSocial integration : When you view profile of a user in JomSocial , you can view donation history of this user .

* Version 2.0

– Recurring Donation : Your site visttors now can make recurring donation . The parameters which they can choose for a recurring donation includes :
+ Donation Frequency : Daily , weekly , monthly , quaterly , semi-annually , annuallty .
+ Recurring times.: Number of times that the payments recur for recurring donation . If users leave this parameter blank , you will continue receiving payment until they cancel recurring payment .

– Donors List from front-end : With this feature , you can show list of donors from front-end of your s

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