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Joom!Fish – content translation for multilingual websites

Joom!Fish - content translation for multilingual websitesJoomFish is the solution for your multilingual website if control over the translations matters for you. The core extension is free of charge and allows the translation of any content within your Joomla system. With an easy extension it is also possible to translate any 3rd party extension available for your favored CMS.

JoomFish 2.0 is the full featured release including several addons such as a simple Router for your SEO URL’s and automatic search within the core extensions of Joomla. It comes with an integrated one step installer that allows you to get started very simple.

Free documentation including video tutorials, first step documentations and additional material is available on our website. The site also includes an open forum for community support and additional resources.

The Joom!Fish club (subscription required) offers enhanced support options and a range of add ons targeted at commercial and professional websites. These include plugins to further manage/restrict the display of untranslated content, restrict certain menus and modules to specific languages and an additional frontend translation component that allows you to manage translators and what they are allowed to translate.

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