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Joom!Fish – Multilingual Content Manager

JoomFishWhen you develop a business website, you have unlimited opportunities to attract customers worldwide. Joom!Fish multilingual content manager makes it easy to translate any content within your Joomla content management system.

In days gone by, your office or storefront was a physical location. Businesses depended on signs and small advertisements in local publications to spread the word about their offerings. Your website is now your central office or storefront. Unlike the old days, people all over the world can visit your business and connect with you.

Don’t miss out on valuable profit opportunities because you don’t “speak their language”. Let everyone know about your business by talking to them in a language they can clearly understand. The Joom!Fish extension is completely free of charge. It is the ultimate solution for multilingual websites that gives you total control over translations.

Joom!Fish also has an easy extension so you can translate any third party extension available for your favorite content management system. The current Joom!Fish 2.0 full featured release includes several add-ons such as an automatic search within Joomla core extensions and a simple router for SEO URL’s.

Joom!Fish provides free documentation and video tutorials to get your started. Frequently asked questions cover typical inquiries made by Joom!Fish users. There is also an open forum for the Joom!Fish community to get support and access to additional resources.

Users can go beyond the basics with a subscription based club membership with Joom!Fish. Customer get additional first level support and extensions with club membership. This makes it possible to have an extended user experience for your multilingual websites.

Joom!Fish offers key features to easily maintain and organized manual translated content. You can manual translate all the dynamic content of your Joomla installation in a single database. The Translation list shows the changed contents. Enjoy front-end translation and a front-end component to select a language. Joom!Fish does not affect styles or other aspects of your standard template. You simply include the Joom!Fish module in one of your positions.

Frequently asked questions covered by Joom!Fish including how to use language dependent images, how to use language dependent content and menu items and how to use various templates. If you can’t find an answer in the FAQs, post your question in the forum to get advice from other users. The interactive community offers a myriad of tips and tweaks to boost Joom!Fish performance. Ask questions, post your own findings and learn ways to make Joom!Fish work for you.

You don’t have to know every language around the world to do international business. The worldwide web connects people from around the globe without ever leaving their house. In a fast-paced and competitive online marketplace, you need to be ready to profit from a range of target markets. Increase your scope by making your website multilingual with Joom!Fish.

With the easy-to-use Joom!Fish extension, you can bring you business to the next level of success. Instead of doing business locally or with people who speak your language, you can reach out all around the world so more people benefit from your unique products or services.