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JoomGlobalTranslateThis component is designed to fully translate the site into other languages. JoomGlobalTranslate is a complete analog components such as GTranslate Pro and Realtyna Translator.

Features component
* Thought-out algorithm is implemented to replace the text! You can compare the code on the demo sites.
* Replacement text alt, value, title etc. Literate replace text in links. Attributes for the replacement configured through admin panel.
* The ability to specify which blocks do not need to translate. Add class .notranslite to block (in editor) or in the control panel
* All translations are cached correctly.
* Site translated into 100% including third-party extensions.
* Easily integrates into expansion using ajax
* JoomTranslite works perfectly over JoomFish and other similar components. You can, for example, make a partial translation in JoomFish, and the rest will transfer JoomGlobalTtranslate.
* Definition of language users and automatic forwarding when you first visit the site
* Update the entire cache on demand

Installation Instruction:
* Installing on a site JoomFish
* Installing plug-in JoomGlobalTranslate
* Update the host site directory language (add new language)
* Activate all the languages in the control panel JoomFish

* Joomla 1.5
* Joomfish or similar components
* Curl Library
* PHP memory limit 64mb – 128mb. The more the better.

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