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Joomla 123 FlashChat – Chat Software for Your Website

Joomla 123 Flash ChatAdding the ability to chat to your Joomla website brings in traffic and makes users want to return more often. Joomla 123 Flash Chat is a powerful server that embraces the load balanced technique to allow millions of concurrent users to chat without decreasing your website performance or speed. Use Joomla 123 Flash Chat to make your website more interactive and noticeable.

All the basic features your users want are included with Joomla 123 Flash Chat. Popular functions include text/audio/video chat, image transfer, handwriting messages and whiteboard are all found in Joomla 123 Flash Chat so users can express themselves as they choose.

Everyone wants to see and hear content on the Internet. Users who have a visual and audio experience tend to get more involved in the chat. Joomla 123 Flash Chat provides top quality audio/video chat based on H264 codec. Your chat room will be more entertaining and inviting with these essential features. Users will enjoy a more impressive and interactive chat experience at your website.

Don’t worry about dealing with complicated technical jargon to get users chatting. Joomla 123 Flash chat seamlessly integrates into your existing databases or portals to make chat part of your systems. It also supports Joomla!, V Bulletin, PHPBB and more with integration service for the system you write yourself.

You also don’t have to get distressed when you want to make changes because administration and moderation are a breeze. The rich set of administration tools in the Joomla 123 FlashChat Administration Panel will make it easy to manage your chat.

If immediate help is needed, your users are not floundering around in cyberspace alone. Joomla 123 FlashChat introduced a new utility to integrate your 123LiveHelp to give customers a short cut to get a support technician and an environment to find an answer to the problem. Help right away means the chat continues seamlessly to keep users coming back to talk again and again.

Today chats are complete unless someone shares music, video or the latest clips from YouTube. Give your users what they want with Joomla 123 FlashChat supporting various video and music formats including mp3 tunes, YouTube videos and more to keep users entertained.

What makes chat rooms fun is having plenty of users who want to interact with each other. Make it simple for users with the Joomla 123 FlashChat IM Friends Invitation function. The module is similar to the one used on Facebook. Users can introduce your chat to their friends currently using Twitter, MSN, Yahoo Messenger or Gtalk while friends talk to other friends to spread the chat into a tighter social community system. This function gets the word out that people are talking at your website and encourages them to join in.

Various chat clients make Joomla 123 FlashChat customizable for each customer. Chat clients include Pocket PC Client, Avatar Chat, Lite Chat and more to match the needs to just about any chat environment. Other useful tools include a Facebook application to spread the word further, a Firefox add-on, Desktop client and more to make chatting easier and more fun.

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