Joomla and WordPress: The Perfect Combination


Joomla and WordPress: The Perfect Combination

Joomla + WordPressWordPress Integration for Joomla 1.5 is the perfect blogging combination. Though Joomla is versatile, the best blogging platform is WordPress. Together you have total blogging power with ease of use, password protection and the ability to accurately determine if comments are spam. You even have the convenience of blogging on iPhone right to your Joomla hosted website. The

Consider some of the WordPress features you can harness along with the convenience of Joomla:

  • WordPress works natively on Joomla 1.5 and is easily installed to any other extension;

  • static content so you can manage non-blogging content such as an About You page;

  • the wide selection of thousands of WordPress themes to customize your website with a bit of editing work inside Joomla;

  • WordPress links to websites related to your own;

  • WordPress supports Ping-o-Matic, Pingback and Trackback for effective cross-communication and visitor comments;

  • An open proxy checker and an integrated blacklist protect you from spam;

  • All the WordPress roles are totally functional in Joomla 1.5;

  • Blog posts are password protected;

  • You can designate different types of users so certain users only post drafts but do not have the ability to publish them;

  • Upgrades and installation are simple and won’t wipe out your media, database, themes and plug-ins;

  • WordPress correctly transforms ASCII into XHTML for total ease of use;

  • You can blog anytime and anywhere and send an email to a designated email address for WordPress to post your blog or use the iPhone app for WordPress supported by Joomla!

A WordPress/Joomla blog with a memorable domain name and reliable Joomla hosting will make your business more professional and accessible. People can visit you online anytime and anywhere to get updated information about your business, the industry and much more.

Updating your blog frequently means higher search engine rankings. When your blog is constantly updated with useful information, it is more likely people will continue to visit and tell others about your posts.

All successful businesses today realize the power of a blog. Choosing a well-rounded platform with secure Joomla hosting makes it easy to keep your blog updated. Attract more visitors to your business, communicate with current clients, improve your search engine rankings and even become an expert in your field with an effective WordPress Joomla blog.


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