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Joomla Knowledgebase Component

Joomla KnowledgebaseJoomla Knowledgebase is a Joomla extension used to manage your knowledge base including articles, comments, FAQs, categories and acronyms. Joomla Knowledgebase was developed by Blue Flame IT, active Joomla and Mambo developers for years. This extension works with both Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 1.0.15.

Article marketing is a major promotional tool. By posting meaningful articles, you build a reputation as an expert. Keyword based articles with informative content bring your search engine rankings up. With Joomla Knowledgebase, you enjoy extremely fast article management. The administrator console is powered by xAJAX to toggle options with one click. Once the console is loaded, you never have to reload the page. Because xAJAX is used on the frontend, it’s search engine friendly.

You want real users to be able to find your articles. Type your own keywords, titles, description and meta data with Joomla Knowledgebase. It is compatible with SEF Advance, sh404SEF and Open SEF. Get the search engine spiders crawling to move your website up the rankings. When more people find you, your website becomes more profitable.

Joolma Knowledgebase gives you the ability to create unlimited nested category trees. This makes it possible to give your articles structure you cannot attain with Joomla by itself. Assign your articles to multiple categories so they appear to be filled in both places. Change it all with a single edit.

Spam is a major problem with article and comment submission websites. There are always spammers looking to clutter up the environment with their self-serving commentary. Akismet spam protection integration enables Akismet API to eliminate almost all spam comments and email submissions. All you need to do is get a free API key from Akismet to activate this Joomla Knowledgebase feature. You can also go internations with supported integration of the JoomFish component.

Make your online environment completely your own with flexible changeable templating. This customizable component gives you the ability to use the built in layout manager, create your own layouts and integrate your own code. Your layout doesn’t have to be generic with Joomla Knowledgebase and a bit of creativity.

You can allow visitors to leave their comments on your articles with a built in commenting feature. Finding out what visitors have to say helps you improve your website articles and offerings. Gather this important info by enabling comments. You don’t have to purchase an additional commenting component as it is built into Joomla Knowledgebase. The built in spam controls are provided by Akismet.

Unlimited customized fields mean the ability add your own tracking ID field, subtitle and more. Flexible layouts make it easy to display this info in the article view. Unlimited file attachments mean you can upload your files once and attach them to multiple articles as you need them. You don’t have to upload duplicate files but just link a single file to as many files as needed. Visitors can download the files and you can also keep track of the download count.

Integrated RSS feeds mean your visitors can subscribe to receive instant RSS notification when articles are added or updated. This feature brings visitors back to your site to check it out again.

Acronyms management keeps all your abbreviations and acronyms in one place with underlining to your content and helpful popups with explanations. Article information stats show the article creator, last modified date and other important info. Object caching and maintenance speed up your site.

Give your web content more meaning when you organize it with Joomla Knowledgebase.

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