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Joomla Tags Extensions

JoomlaTagsJoomla Tags make is easier to find and navigate content at your website. The Joomla Tags Extension adds tags to Joomla content. Use it to add content classification by using tags, also called keywords. Create virtual categories to add content and overcome Joomla’s single category structure.

Joomla Tags was developed by Blue Flame IT, active Joomla and Mambo developers for years. The current Joomla Tags version is BETA software so your site should be backed up frequently. You also have free updates for life to ensure security for the life of the software. Support is offered through the forum.

With a single click, the the latest popular Joomla Tags modules can be installed for free to give you more opions. The updates available for Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 1.0 include the Latest Tags Module, Popular Tags Module, Social Bookmarks Links Tools bar and continued free support through the Blue Flame Forums.

Management and moderation are quick and easy with Joomla Tags. Thanks to xAJAX power you can toggle options with one click. When the console is loaded, you never need to reload the page. Because xAJAX is used on the frontend, Joomla Tags is search engine friendly. Type in your own description, meta data, titles and keywords. Joomla Tags is compatible with SEF Advance, Open SEF and sh404SEF. Go international with the integration of the JoomFish component.

You don’t have to look like everyone else with Joomla Tags. Make the environment your own with the flexibility of Joomla Tags. The component is extremely cusomizable with a built in layout manager. You can also create your own layout and integrate your own code for a totally unique look. Joomla Tags also has complete UTF-8 encoding support for non-latin charsets.

Maintain control of your website content tags with JoomlaTags. Submitted tags can be held for moderation to gain approval. The tags aren’t shown until they pass moderation. You can also allow all submitted tags to be displayed immediately. All tags will appear right away without moderation.

You can also opt to have Joomla Tags send you an email to let you know about new tags so you can check them out as they happen. Whether tags are moderated or unmoderated, you receive an email to stay in-the-know. Remain apprised of inappropriate tags, effective tags and tags that attract attention.

Keep your website running smoothly and quickly with Joomla Tags to cache PHP Objects with template rendering and SQL queries. Your pages load faster for to improve the interactive experience with your website. Maintenance options make things run even more smoothly with actions such as cache clearing.

Keywords are how the search engines and real people find you. The right tags get you noticed to build your search engine rankings. Gain greater control of your tagging with Joomla Tags. Track this important online to so you can better harness the power of the search engines to promote your business.

Keeping tags simple, easy and organized with Joomla Tags. It is search-engine friendly, improves the speed of website page loading and gives you greater control over your content tags.