JoomlaGATor! – A Google Analytics Tracking Module for Joomla. Provides auto-SSL detection and automatic download and external link tracking. Automatically integrates the code to each page on your site you publish it on, using ga.js tracking code.

JoomlaGATor! is the new name for the “Google Analytics Module for Joomla 1.5”. All the old functionality is retained but with this new version comes automatic download, mailto and external link tracking. Documentation is also being written. Vote for JoomlaGATor! to be added to the Joomla! Updater –

Multiple account version deprecated unless requested. Use 2.1.3.

Spanish translation for TradiArt –
Italian translation by ToFu –
Russian translation by SLenik –
Brazilian Portuguese translation by Ricardo Pedri Lopes –


* Automatic SSL detection
* Automatic SEF URL detection
* Subdomain tracking
* User tracking
* Disable tracking of admins/users
* Automatic downloads tracking with custom categories
* External and mail-to link tracking
* Sampling rate support
* Browser detection customization
* Customization ofsearch engines
* Ignored keyword support
* Spanish, Italian and Russian translations


Version 2.3.0:

* Brazilian-Portuguese translation
* Russian translation
* Automatic SEF URL detection and tracking thanks to Martin Eckardt


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