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JoomlaJunkie – Joomla Template Club

Joomla JunkieAre you a junkie for Joomla? If you’re committed to Joomla, you need to check out Joomla Junkie templates and designs. Using well-designed templates cuts down your development time to produce a professional, navigable website. Various membership tiers give you plenty of options based on your needs as a webpreneur or developer. JoomlaJunkie will soon be releasing a Morph development framework for even greater efficiency.

Platinum members of JoomlaJunkie will have the first opportunity to use Morph before the general public gains access. Currently at 20 percent discount is offered when you sign up or renew when you use the code FDF42 to get $49 off the price of a regular Platinum membership.

Joomla Junkie also released fresh, new designs. They have a themelets voting site so you can choose your favorites. More designs are constantly developed so there is always something new to check out. You vote for your favorite designs and the choice ones are coded by JoomlaJunkie.

Besides paid memberships, you can also join JoomlaJunkie for free to gain access to their special free templates. Paid members have access to all the templates offered by Joomla Junkie along with their superior customer service and support. JoomlaJunkie is proud to offer top customer service with glowing testimonials to prove it.

The six different JoomlaJunkie subscription options are Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper and Free. You can choose a membership from 3 months to 12 months. Without specialized knowledge or skills, you gain access to the smartest technology on the web. Updated technology takes the stress out of your web development experience.

JoomlaJunkie’s Morph development framework promises even more advanced features. Module FX let your combine and add various module background and header styles for a combination of looks. Morph takes Joomla templates to a whole new level of performance.

Page FX lets you set position, width and relation of the sidebars on any page so each page can be totally different. Content FX are applied by adding classes to your xhtml to get effects such as rounded corners. Menu FX activities menus including subtext, superfish, superdrop and sidebar menu flyout. Dozens of intelligent grids are available on Morph to calculate space. Movable blocks contain intelligent grids that can drastically move their layout on the page.

So who is responsible for owning, running and managing JoomlaJunkie? The company is run by Web Monkeys Design Studio, CC and was started in October, 2006. Since that time, JoomlaJunkie attained the lofty title of “expert status” in the Joomla community.

JoomlaJunkie’s primary purpose is to deliver rich content management solutions to clients worldwide. All business models and solutions were created around Joomla. In fact, the company has been involved with the Joomla community since it was called Mambo. JoomlaJunkie experts remain abreast of current advances and happenings to deliver them to their clients. Their design team has a range of skills including css, xhtml, mysql, php, javascript and beyond.

The JoomlaJunkie teams as as committed to Joomla as you are. If you’re a junkie for Joomla, you’ll love the ease of using JoomlaJunkie.