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Joomlapolis – Community Builder Developer

joomlapolisJoomlapolis offers a variety of solutions to create communities and make your website more interactive.  Community Builder makes your site social, CB Subs gives you the ability to create memberships and more, templatesgives your website a professional feel at an affordable price and quality hosting keeps your online environment operational 24/7.  With Community Builder, you can create an Internet community with less time and effort than you ever imagined possible.

Community Builder integrates essential features to make your site social get users active and interacting. An extended registration form allows you to collect more data before accepting members to the community. Additional user profile fields help you get to know your members and characterize them. An empower key turns members into moderators with actions such as new membership approvals, report handling and banning and unbanning and avatar uploads.

With Community Builder, let your member interact through searching, connecting, membership lists, private messages and general email communications. You can also give members a variety of privileges to get them interactive. Let them create content for the site, blog, add images, integrate forums and join membership groups. These features make it possible for people to find each other based on certain criteria, such as shared hobbies or interests.

Custom user profiles and lists makes it possible for members to organize and present themselves in their own unique way. Profile content can be defined in tab, tab positions, text fields, images, dates, numbers and more. All Community Builder entities are customizable via language strings so every communicates in a language they understand.

Community Builder is stable, navigable and adaptable. Many large, busy sites use Community Builder because of its reliable performance. Concurrent member interaction are no problem. You can configure as many fields as you need for your community without making a major impact on performance. Community Builder is a component for the Joomla 1.0.X, Joomla 1.5.X and Mambo content management systems.

You don’t need a major investment to get your website interactive because Community Builder is free and open-source. Community Builder also has an outstanding security record with more than two years without major vulnerability. Code security audits are performed regularly with secure design and implementation in mind.

Community Builder is a social framework which is very extensible. Currently there are over 120 plugins available for Community Builder with new ones added weekly. CBSubs has a commercial plugin extending to Community Builder to offer paid memberships while protecting CMS content with a built-in ACL control.

CB Subs makes it possible to create free and paid memberships to your website as well as add merchandise for sale and a way for visitors to make donations. You control profiles based on plans and offer protected access to content. With over 15 integration plugins, you can customize membership options to make your online environment even more interactive and valuable. Fast templates give your website visual appeal and quality hosting keeps your online environment reliably live.

Community Builder and the other offerings at Joomlapolis will help you create a social, interactive website to boost targeted traffic and profits.