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JoomLeagueForget about all other league components, we are very proud to present you the new joomleague version.
After almost 2 years of development, we have a full MVC based Sports Management component for Joomla 1.5.x

We are proud to announce that our 1.5.x version will go into Alpha fase no later then 01-01-2011 and a lot of work has been done to make this happen.
If you are currently running the 0.93 version do not hesitate and try out this updated and native 1.5 version, however you should always keep in mind that
you should first test it out carefully before switching over completely so the chance of data-loss is minimal.

===== Whats new ? =====

Here is a list of whats new in Joomleague 1.5 (from 0.93b).

* Totally rewritten for joomla 1.5x Native (MVC)
* Teamstats view, all kind of stats of a team
* Clubplan view, shows all matches of a club in an period of time (project or non project related)
* Teams view, list all teams in a project
* Clubs view, list all clubs in a project
* Referees view, list referees in a project with stats
* History of a team in teaminfo
* Statistics system, now you can have as many custom and more complex statistics as you want
* Stats ranking view
* Played matches of a player / staffmember / referee
* A new matchpreview view
* History of matches between 2 teams in matchpreview
* New flash (animated)graphics (OpenFlash Charts 2.x)
* More extensive extension framework
* Match cancelled
* Matchrelation, if a match is cancelled just relate it to the new (or old match)
* Multiple referees
* Ghostplayer
* Rss feeds for results and clubplan
* Image selector, its easier to select an image now for example a player or a clublogo
* A new phpthumb, an image manipulation library for PHP
* Extended data, it’s now possible to create as many extra fields for persons, clubs, teams, matches, teamplayers……as you want
* Configurable Sports-Types per Project
* Simple Ajax assign or quick add teams/referees to a project, persons/staff to a team
* Standard Joomla Menu Item creation for the Frontend links with individual options
* CSV/XML-Import of all kind of data

=== Modules ===
Beside the normal modules like; mod_joomleague_birthday, mod_joomleague_events_statistic, mod_joomleague_ranking, mod_joomleague_results, there are new modules like:

* mod_joomleague_adminpanel_icon, this module shows an icon in the backend for administrating joomleague
* mod_joomleague_calendar, this module shows all matches in a calendar
* mod_joomleague_logo, this module shows club)logos of an project
* mod_joomleague_nextmatch_ext, this module is like the old nextmatch and lastmatch module with many, many options
* mod_joomleague_playgroundplan, this module shows upcoming matches from selected projects and playgrounds.
* mod_joomleag

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