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JQuarks – Quiz and Survey Component for Joomla

JQuarks - Quiz and Survey Component for JoomlaJQuarks is a free and open source component enabling quiz and surveys for Joomla!

Main features:

* Create and categories questions
* Define custom and random sets of questions
* Compile and publish sets into “quizzes”
* All types of questions are supported (unique, multiple or free answers)
* Paginated quizzes (the number of question / page is configurable)
* Open and time-limited quizzes
* Public and private quizzes
* Assign Joomla! users to quizzes and notify them by e-mail
* Export sessions (results, time, etc.) to csv format

03/03/2010: New release: 0.3.0 Beta

* The community awaited : Show quiz results in front end
* Manage Candidates and their affectation to quizzes
* “Tags” Candidates using profiles
* Options to assign / unassign all registered user to a given quiz
* Support for Joomfish
* Starting this version JQuarks also speak Italian, Spanish and Galician !

All what you need to know about 0.3.0:

12/10/2009: New release: 0.2.4

– JQuarks is now available in German and Norwegian (in addition to the reviewed English and French versions)
– 2 Security updates
– 1 Bug fix

All what you need to know about 0.2.4: http://www.iptechinside.com/labs/news/show/6

12/01/2009: New release: 0.2.3

Several users got issues with some versions of MySQL, this releases solves the issue.

For a complete overview of the changelist, please visit this page: http://www.iptechinside.com/labs/versions/show/5

(read full article on source site)
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