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JReviews – Joomla Review Extension

JReviews helps you create a powerful review website or advanced content management capabilities to expand the scope of your Joomla and Mambo website. Whether you want reviews or to gain control over your content, jReviews makes it easier.

Use JReviews to create a professional product and review site with your own definitions. Ratings criteria can be as simple or complex as you choose in various content categories. Optional editor ratings can be kept separate from user ratings and reviews.

Add detailed ratings and reviews to user profiles in Community Builder, Joomunity and JomSocial. Integrated components include Virtuemart, Sobi2 and more. JReviews works with your core content system. This makes setup quicker and you can use existing articles along with third party plugins and core search and management capabilities.

JReviews makes it possible to expand your content presentation capabilities whether you use it with reviews or without. Its structured content capabilities work with normal articles and content, too. Never get frustrated by Joomla’s limitations when you harness the power of JReviews to organize content, ratings and reviews.

It is also a cinch for user to find what they need. Create your own advanced search fields using only the fields you choose to enhance the user experience. A more customized search allows visitors to find what they want, when they want it.

You can also integrate your JReviews site with other popular user systems. Link to avatars and profiles in Joomunity, JomSocial and Community Builder for a more interactive user experience. Multiple plugins and modules improve website navigations as well as the social experience with other sites.

Listings are more manageable with JReviews. Decide which user groups submit listings. Listings can be instantly published or moderated. Thumbnail images are automatically generated. Users can add listings to their favorites. Email notifications for administrators and users keep them apprised of the latest web content.

You also get to decide which users groups can submit reviews and which users are the editors. Reviews can be instantly published or moderated for approval before they appear. Develop multiple sets of rating criteria in various categories to really add value to the reviews. A review can be rated for its usefulness or reported to administrators if it is inappropriate. A user’s rank is based on the number of review completed and how useful those reviews are. There are also feeds and email notifications to keep users updated.

The JReviews content construction kit custom fields include text, website, textarea, integer, decimal, select list, code, radio buttons, multiple select list and checkboxes. Click2Search automatically hyperlinks fields and lets users add new field options as they complete forms. Affiliate code and affiliate buttons are a breeze to insert and create.

JReviews not only makes your website interactive but international with translations into Arabic, Slovak, Hebrew, Basque, Chinese, English, Danish, German, Dutch, French, Hungarian, Polish, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Norwegian, Swedish, Rumanian, Russian and Portuguese (Portugal and Brazil).

Update your website to gather useful information, ratings and reviews while organizing your content with JReviews.

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