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JS Jobs – Latest Jobs

JS Jobs - Latest JobsJS Jobs is proving to be a popular Jobs Listing component. This is a module to list the Latest Jobs published in the JS Jobs component.

Fields displayed include: –
– Job Title
– Posting Date (optional)

*** Updated – Version 1.0.5 – 26/08/2009 ***
1. Renamed the folder to be consistent with the module name
2. Added the following fields: –
– Description (optional)
– Employer Name (optional, length is user-definable also)
3. Added “Upgrade Mode”

*** Important ***
Although I have included the new “Upgrade Mode” in the modules installation process, if you are upgrading from Version 0.1.0, you MUST uninstall the module first, as the folders have been renamed. If you do not uninstall first, the result will be two copies of the module – the old version and the new version.