jSeblod CCK (Advanced Joomla Content Construction Kit)

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jSeblod CCK (Advanced Joomla Content Construction Kit)

Add custom fields to custom content types using a web interface. Administration and website forms. Display custom content in any Joomla extensions.

Content Construction Kit component gives you the ability to create your very own custom content types like real estate ad, car ad, recipes, virtuemart product…anything is imaginable ! You can use it anywhere !

* jSeblod CEK (Content Edition Kit) included in native.
* Manage Content Type, Content Items (Fields), Content Template and Content Pack
* 25 Content Items type (Field type)
* User friendly interface in AJAX
* Forms submission in back-end (adminstration) and front-end (website)
* Suitable with all 3rd Party and more that, suitable with almost all Joomla extensions
* Apply Content Template in content like Joomla article, but too in many contents like Docman File description or Virtuemart Product Description… unlimited !
* Exchange your Content Type, Content Template and Content Items in a Content Pack
* Very nice MVC architectural pattern
* GPL, Open Source, No Encoded, No Obfuscation

This CCK is compatible with all Joomla components and extends theses components providing multi-fields functions, like for Virtuemart or Docman.

It’s thinked to manage many content types, content templates, content fields (items). You can display forms on front and back office. All your forms and contents can be designed and the content fill interface for the end user is very simple, much more than a WYDIWYS editor.

It is full integrated to Joomla content manager and other Joomla components.
It’s a new concept and we hope it enjoy you.