jSeblod Little CCK (Content Construction Kit)

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jSeblod Little CCK (Content Construction Kit)

A little Content Construction Kit to design Joomla contents with Joomla template in all Joomla extensions. Use it with jSeblod WYDIWYS Editor, the first forms Editor.

apply Content Template in content like Joomla article, but too in many contents like Docman File description or Virtuemart Product Description… unlimited !
suitable with all 3rd Party and more that, suitable with almost all Joomla extensions
Little CCK template are like Joomla template, and so use Joomla installer and Joomla template edition
insert PHP, Javascript, CSS in Little CCK template
usefull special “::delete::” tag

Download free jSeblod Little CCK templates like jSeblod Cocktail (Recipes).
To insert comments or user rates, you can use all comment and rate systems for Joomla articles. It’s more powerfull than any Joomla food & beverage extensions. You can too use the print default button in Joomla article.

New version 1.5
Suitable with Joomla 1.5.12
media field with files dropdown select for WYDIWYS Editor
Insert content before and after Little CCK tag (use readmore button)
call many templates in one content