jSeblod WYDIWYS Editor

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jSeblod WYDIWYS Editor

jSeblod WYDIWYS EditorThe first Forms Editor : the WYDIWYS Editor (What You Do Is What You See). The jSeblod WYDIWYS display a form directly at the place of the Joomla editor, easy to fill ! You access too at your normal Editor. The simple way to manage simple content for the end-user.

* New : select a template directly with the dropdown list in the WYDIWYS Editor

* New : media field with files dropdown select

* Full integrated in Joomla content, Article Manager, Category Manager, Virtuemart, Docman…

* “Content Friendly”, construct to be fill by begin user

* Visible in all extensions using Joomla Editor and plugin system

* Display too Tiny MCE, new : suitable with Tiny MCE 3.2

* Display automatically fields (input text, textarea, calendar, files dropdown) from the Template

Look at jseblod.com for modules suitable with WYDIWYS.