JWallpapers Image Gallery (with slideshow)

JWallpapers Image Gallery (with slideshow)

JWallpapers Image Gallery (with slideshow)JWallpapers is a lightweight yet powerful image gallery component with community building capabilities. If you want to create a community site where images are the main theme around it, i.e. a wallpapers website, or just looking for a reliable, fast and easy to use image gallery, then JWallpapers is made for you.

Key features

* Easy and intuitive interface in both frontend and backend environments.
* Both frontend and backend secure image upload forms available (remote and server zip bulk upload available at the backend). Frontend moderation for new categories and pictures is also possible.
* JWallpapers is capable of generating and handling resizes (synchronously and asynchronously) for each picture in your gallery: A lot of efforts have been deployed in order to provide a reliable and fully customizable resize engine. Resize formats can be defined for each image size format (4:3, 16:10, 5:4 or other).
* Fully customizable thumbnails: Change their width and height as well as the resize method (maintain aspect, disregard aspect and crop).
* High performance (AJAX driven slimbox) lightbox slideshow feature, capable of displaying slideshows for categories with thousands of pictures.
* Two different display modes: Classic (pictures and categories shown as thumbs inside their parents) and JWallpapers (showing pictures of the current node and their children).
* Download protection.
* Customizable Search Engine Friendly (SEF) URL’s (through Joomla native SEF engine).
* Customizable metatags (keywords and description) for both pictures and categories to improve your search engine visibility.
* AJAX navigation system: A powerful tool that will allow you to walk through your category tree to chose or create a new category.
* Integrated AJAX voting system.
* Comment system (through JComments): JWallpapers uses the powerful JComments API in order to provide a slick integrated AJAX comment system.
* Community Builder Integration: Links to CB user profiles, up to 2 CB fields can be shown on pictures (if the uploading user is also the author of the image) and a CB Picture tab with all the pictures uploaded by a given user.
* Image processing handled by either GD or ImageMagick (though Imagick).
* Resolution filter: You can create a list of the admissible size formats that will act like a filter when pictures are uploaded (filtered images are disregarded).

* English and Spanish for both backend and frontend interfaces.

Available extensions
* Best rated and newest pictures modules.
* JWallpapers search plugin.
* JWallpapers Pictures content plugin.
* Xmap plugin for sitemaps generation.
* sh404SEF support.
* Community Builder JWallpapers Pictures Tab.

For more detailed information, please visit the JWallpapers official site at http://www.joomlaplugs.com.