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J!WHMCS Integrator

J!WHMCS IntegratorJ!WHMCS Integrator integrates your Joomla framework with your WHMCS billing software without using iframes. This allows you to modify your Joomla! menus, modules, and content easily.

This is component is a must have for Web Hosting companies using WHMCS and Joomla! This is also a great solution for Joomla developers looking to license their own products with WHMCS licensing add-on.

* Joomla 1.5.15
* WHMCS 4.2.1

Version 2.0.3 has now been released:
* JoomFish functionality bridged to WHMCS
* Shape 5 menu support
* non-UTF-8 character encoding for WHMCS supported (though limited by Joomla)
* Installation Wizard vastly improved
* Time stamp added to let you know when synchronization last performed
* Added Client Menu Module

Version 1.5.2 has now been released:
* Support added for WHMCS v 4.1 stable
* Ability to redirect images and javascript links to alternative location
* Fixed functionality of update information procedure

Version 1.5.1
* User Manager in the backend of Joomla
* Find users to match accounts up from one to the other
* Break user matches in the event they were made in error
* Add new accounts to either WHMCS or Joomla if not already in system
* Group Manager in the backend for group functionality (multiple Joomla accounts can log into the same WHMCS account – intended for business clients requiring such)
* Sync Manager in the backend to resynchronize data from WHMCS
* Check Installation from within Joomla to verify J!WHMCS Integrator functioning properly
* New Authentication Plugin added to verify credentials in both system prior to logging in
* New Authentication Plugin allows user to login with either username / password from Joomla or the email / password from WHMCS, and proceed to both
* New Authentication Plugin can automatically create new users in either system if they don’t already exist (can be disabled in plugin parameters)

Version 1.5.0 (initial release)
* Log into Joomla and you log into WHMCS simultaneously
* Changes the form on “dologin.php” automatically to point to login handler that logs into Joomla first then WHMCS
* Sets the session variables for both Joomla and WHMCS
* Logout functions logs out of Joomla and WHMCS simultaneously
* Parses a page on your web site and wraps that around the WHMCS content, needing only to change the header.tpl and footer.tpl to include two new smarty variables
* Sets the active menu item on the parsed Joomla page so it matches up correctly (functions only with non-legacy menu items currently)
* Requires no hacks of either system
* Variables for everything except one path variable is handled in the Joomla backend
* Allows a site to have their WHMCS as a subdomain or as a subfolder (so long as they are both on the same server)
* Password and info changes are reflected in both when made
* User registration form in Joomla to request all required info for WHMCS to create both accounts simultaneously

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