K2 – the Missing Documentation (Part 1)

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K2 – the Missing Documentation (Part 1)


The hottest new extension in Joomla is K2.

Why? Normal Joomla articles provide you with a Title and Body. K2 gives you the flexibility to add much more information. For example, this is part of a K2 article about a camera called the Canon EOS Rebel:

More than just an article, you add information about:

A link for more information

You can also add tags, videos, photo galleries, comments and many more features. You can see the full Canon EOS Rebel example article here.

That is the essential benefit of K2 … you can create articles with much more information.
Installing K2

Go to http://getk2.org and download the file.
You’ll see a file on your desktop with a name very similar to K2_v2.2.zip
Go to the administrator area of your Joomla site, then Extensions >> Install / Uninstall.
Click “Browse” to locate the package file and then click “Upload File and Install”.
Go to Components >> K2

The K2 Dashboard

When you go to Components >> K2 you…

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