K2mart – Integrating K2 and Virtuemart

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K2mart – Integrating K2 and Virtuemart

K2mart is a new product from Joomlaworks, the people who created K2, the wonderful content component for Joomla (read Part 1 and Part 2 of our introduction to K2 here).

What is the purpose of K2mart? It allows you to import your Virtuemart products into K2. Why is this a good thing:

You can really improve your product listings by adding image galleries, videos, tags, social bookmarks, comments and many of the other wonderful features of K2.
You can create much more sophisticated designs for your product pages – K2 is very easy to design for whereas Virtuemart is notoriously difficult.

K2mart does replace all the design and layout features of Virtuemart but it doesn’t replace the checkout process. Customers will still pay through Virtuemart,

Here’s how to use K2mart:

Install K2, Virtuemart and K2mart

In order to get started with K2mart, make sure to install all three components:

K2: http://getk2.org (Free)
K2mart: http://www.joomlaworks.gr/content/view/86/42/ (20 Euros)

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