LazyBackup 2 – Joomla Automatic Backup

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LazyBackup 2 – Joomla Automatic Backup

Lazy Backup 2 is a Joomla plugin that saves you serious time and effort backing up files. It simply sends a backup of your Joomla database in a zip file to one or more email addresses on designated hours and days. Backup as frequently as you want with no hassles using one of the the easiest, best automatic backup methods today for Joomla 1.5.

No server tool such as cron or scheduled tasks are required to perform backups. Lazy Backup 2 is free but offers so many features users comment it could be a commercial product. Because it’s so easy to use, you don’t need advanced knowledge or special skills to effectively backup with LazyBackup2. It’s even simple to restore your database through the import function of PhPMyAdmin.

LazyBackup2 is easy to install and configure so you don’t need to be a tech genius to get backup scheduled. It can also save SQL backup to the local website and email zipped backup to your email addresses everyday. No matter how often you want to backup data, LazyBackup2 does it for you automatically.

Lazy people will love LazyBackup2 because you’ll actually do it. No matter how lazy or busy you are, there’s time to backup with this automated backup system. LazyBackup2 archives, burns, verifies and spans disks for you. The archies are in ‘dar’ format and burned right to DVDs.

To use LazyBackup2 you need the Joomla content management system (CMS). Joomla makes it a breeze to build website and perform online applications without special skills. Joomla is also an open source solution, which means it is free for everyone. A CMS keeps track of every bit of content on your website ranging from text to photos to videos and more. With no technical knowledge, a CMS allows you to easily manage your own website. Joomla extension make it customizing your site a cinch.

Joomla is used by web developers to create advanced professional websites. Several major companies use Joomla as a solution to manage their online content. Major worldwide websites use Joomla including newspapers corporations, government applications, community portals and small businesses. Well-known websites using Joomla include IHOP, Harvard University (Educational), Outdoor Photographer magazine and the Citibank financial institution intranet.Â

LazyBackup2 was developed by Jean-Sebastien Gervais. He considers the plugin to be a must-have for Joomla users because it sends a daily MySQL database backup of all your tables in a zip password protected file in an email. Gervais took over development to add features and keep LazyBackup2 open source, just like Joomla and its extensions. This saved LazyBackup2 from a possible commercial fate where users would be charged for this streamlined backup system.

Everyone dreads spending endless hours backing up. Worse yet, nobody wants to lose everything because they didn’t backup. Take the time and effort out of this necessary task by using the Joomla CMS and LazyBackup2. This free solutions makes it a breeze to backup files automatically and sends the backup in a secure form to the email address(es) you choose. Never worry about backup again when LazyBackup2 has your back.


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