Learning to Edit a Joomla Template

Learning to Edit a Joomla Template

Video Showing How To Edit a Joomla Template

Seeing Your Template Code

I’d recommend starting with a very basic Joomla installation. Don’t try this for the first time on your live site! If you need help installing Joomla on your computer we have intsructions for both the P.C. and the Mac. We’re going to be using the default rhuk_milkyway template:

Go to Administrator >> Extensions >> Template Manager and open the rhuk_milkyway template.
Click “Edit HTML” in the top-right corner. You’ll see the code that controls your template’s output. This is the index.php file. It is located in this folder: / templates / rhuk_milkway / index.php
Backup! Select all of the code and copy it into a text editor. Save the file somewhere safe.

Editing Your Template Code

This is a little trick that will swap the modules in the left and right-hand columns.

Scroll down in the code until you see:
<jdoc:include type=”modules” name=”left” style=”rounded” />

This line of code tells…

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