Logos Form and Report Manager for J! 1.5

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Logos Form and Report Manager for J! 1.5

Logos Form and Report Manager for J! 1.5Logos Form and Report Manager ( LFRM ) enables you to integrate databases into your Joomla website. For example, using LFRM one can easily build an interface for searching and viewing sport scores, adding contact information for organizations or clubs, loading data from a file, and creating reports that summarize sales. One can quickly build complex applications using a few queries and, because LFRM works directly with the database you have maximum control over how your application works.

Logos Form and Report Manager is more than your normal form extension. LFRM can connect with major database systems such as MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL and MS Access and can output data in any format including HTML, XML, and JSON, among others. It also lets you build complex queries with a simple tag syntax. From the bottom-up, LFRM is designed to give the you power and flexibility in creating applications. Among LFRM’s many features are the following:

* AJAX presentation that allows users to navigate, group, and edit data within the browser;
* Ability to format data, including the generation of links to other forms and search results;
* Output of data in a variety of formats such as XML, JSON, and CSV;
* An easy-to-use site and administrative interfaces;
* Support for most SQL queries and connections to major database systems;
* A comprehensive templating system employing views and layout files;
* Tools such as plugins and modules that allow the site administrator to place data in various parts of the website;
* Sample applications that can be imported and customized to specific needs;
* A framework which developers can easily extend to fulfill business requirements.

For those less familiar with databases, the LFRM Wizard will generate a basic application for you. Simply point LFRM to your MySQL database and follow the steps – the wizard will generate the skeletal code you need to add, edit, publish, and delete records.

Logos Form and Report Manager is optimized to be efficient and secure. Query caching allows complex query results to be stored on the server to reduce the load on the database, and user input is automatically escaped to prevent SQL injection attacks. In addition, you can use LFRM’s Form Protection feature to require input be submitted by the form interface.

Please note that LFRM was formally known as LQM or Logos Query Manager.