Marketing’s Chicken or Egg Silo Problem

Oftentimes attempts to solve the internal silo problem results in treating the symptoms, not the cause. PHOTO: Jairo Alzate Stop me if you’ve heard this before: “break down silos to create a better customer experience.” This mandate is equal parts grand vision, strategic goal, and, if history has anything to say about it, frustrating pipe dream.  It’s been more than a decade (2004) since Gartner introduced the idea...

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2017 Contributors of the Year: Anita Brearton

Anyone who feels intimidated by the range and selection of marketing tools available on the market have a champion in Anita Brearton. Where others create an aura of FUD (fear, urgency and doubt) when it comes to martech selection, Brearton says, "It's OK, we're all in this together." Brearton is the founder, CEO and co-CMO of CabinetM, a discovery platform for the marketing industry. While software clearly plays a...

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