MetaMod 2 – display modules according to rules

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MetaMod 2 – display modules according to rules

MetaMod 2 - display modules according to rulesControl your modules!

By date, time, recurring time, GeoIP (country of viewer), browser type and language, user name, group, page within other component (e.g. Virtuemart), on-page text, by article keywords, individual article, section/category, etc.

… and much, much more!

MetaMod is a “Meta Module” – a module that includes other modules, according to a set of rules.

By installing the free GeoLite Country or City database from MaxMind, you can include country names/cities/states etc in your rules.

NOTE: NEW SUPPORT SITE! (September 2009)

Suggested uses:
* dynamically control the parameters of other modules on the page as well as whether the modules appear or not
* control modules based on text found in the main component of the page
* make modules appear at certain times of the day, or give them start and end publishing dates (great for radio/TV/broadcasting sites)
* show a different module for users who have been registered for more (or less) than a certain time period
* control modules such as FacileForms (show a different form based on where in the world someone is connecting from, etc)
* display different modules on different pages in VirtueMart / JReviews / many others – e.g. show a specific module when a particular VirtueMart product or category is displayed
* show different modules depending on the Section / Category of the main article on the page
* show a completely different menu based on the front-end language the user has selected
* make a module disappear once someone has logged in (there’s no standard way to do this in Joomla!)
* use different modules depending on the user’s browser & browser version (e.g. show a different module when people view the site with Internet Explorer IE)
* use different modules depending on the language of the user’s browser
* and so much more!

Improved in version 2.2:

* complete French translation (merci Laurent Jacquot!)
* it’s now PHP4 compatible again
* various bug fixes, see release notes

New & improved in version 2.0:

This is a major new release with great new features!

* modules can now be “included” into the MetaMod by module position, not just by id
* even “disabled” modules can now be included (they get auto-enabled)
* new “Page Identification” mode auto-generates PHP code identifying exact pages on your site
* MetaMod can now dynamically control setup parameters of the modules it includes. i.e. as well as turning modules on and off, it can control any other parameters of the modules according to all the kinds of rules MetaMod is good at.
* the Module Selection table is now dynamic, with sortable columns etc.
* the entire interface is now translatable – can you help do a translation to bring MetaMod into your language?