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mgMedia2 displays varius multimediafiles in your content, for example flv, mp4, mpeg, wav, mp3, mov, youtube, googlevideo and so on, now supporting custom player templates, to implement your own player, or parameters that mgmediabot does not include per default.

*NEW* Support for Joomla! 1.5.x
*NEW* Now you could write templates that use Javascript
*NEW* JW Mediaplayer 4.1 included

Please see README included in the mgmediabot release, for usage informations. (Best viewed within your Joomla installation, because the player documentation is autogenerated from included templates)

Last changes:
* 2009-06-30 Version 1.19
— fixed problem with flash.tmpl

* 2009-02-20 Version 1.18
— Added a fix vor very long pages in IE, when using the thickbox, see thickbox.css to activate the fix

* 2008-12-01 Version 1.17
— Fixed a problem with lightbox/popup in newer Joomla 1.5.x versions

Support is now available via

Hint: For Quicktime add 16px to your height, to display the controls